• Slider_WaverlyEntry

    Warm welcome with mouth-blown glass

    Custom design, leaded glass, great effect

  • slider_MercyHomewardFlight

    A place to reflect

    Hospice serenity, comfort by day and by night

  • Slider_CattailLampInRoom

    Lighting with a heritage

    Traditional style brought up to date

  • slider_DORB3_StardustDetail

    Inspired by the night sky

    Fused glass brings the heavens to the table


Custom Architectural Glass

Windows and cabinet doors


Three-Dimensional Glass

Lamps, light vessels, and art objects


Mirrors and glass panels

Custom design or already made


Fused Glass

Bowls, platters, and other dishes

Latest News

Borneo trails

March 6th, 2015

At last I am resuming my account of our 2014 late winter tour of Malaysia. Two hard drive crashes since then cost some data loss and many hours of restoration time. However we did not lose the approximately 1500 photos we took while in Southeast Asia. If you’ve lost the thread of our story, you   

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Through the glass

December 15th, 2014

Living with stained glass in our windows gives us an ever-changing view. As the angle of the sun changes with the hours of the day and with the seasons, the windows change, too. Colors are stronger at some times, softer at other times. A setting sun might highlight some properties within the glass and give   

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Zounds! It’s zucchini!

September 1st, 2014

Our summer squash harvest is abundant this year. Lest you think zucchini is never not abundant, I assure you that last year we had trouble getting the plants started and they petered out early. But come to think of it, I put enough grated squash in the freezer last summer that, despite frequent winter baking,   

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