One-candle bridge with leaves and blue berries

Candle bridge as autumn centerpiece

When we prepare for dinner guests or for holiday meals, Jay shares the cooking but not table arrangements. Sometimes I don’t think much about how to set the table until it’s time to do it. Then I need a need a centerpiece that won’t take a lot of time to create. With a piece of fused glass and a little something else our table is quickly transformed into a lovely setting.

Red & orange blend candle-bridge with leaves & yellow weed

Glass candle bridge as autumn decoration

While our candle-bridges look lovely with no more than simple candles, they become special with the addition of something from the outdoors tucked in the sides or ends. Last fall the same one-candle bridge had various looks depending upon what Jay found in the yard (he helped by gathering) and what color candle I added. Whether it’s spring, summer, or fall, leaves and weeds are free and easy to find.

The same candle-bridge with a red candle and some holly becomes a winter centerpiece.

Red & orange blend candle-bridge with holly & yellow weed

Red & orange candle bridge with Christmas trimmings

4-candle bridge centerpiece

4-candle bridge with gold and blue trimmings

When dinner is for six or more, a four-candle bridge has more presence on the larger table. The yellow weeds we didn’t get around to pulling out during the summer come in handy. We don’t know a name for a small-leaved shrub that grows at the edge of the woods, but its sprays of silvery-blue berries are fine for autumn and winter arrangements.

Change the blue berries to holly, and the same four-candle bridge is festive for December holidays.

Four-candle bridge as centerpiece

Candle bridge with holly and yellow trimmings

Christmas candle bridge centerpiece

4-candle bridge with holly and greens

Blue berries and holly berries along with some pine pick up the blue, red, and green colors of this candle-bridge to the left.

Red & green candle-bridges with holly & pine

Christmasy candle arrangements

A candle-bridge isn’t limited to one season, no matter what its color. Many with red or green can be used in the summer with flowers or in the winter with evergreen and holly. Match the colors with whatever is in season. The four-candle-bridge in the lower right of the photo taken at our Skytop Lodge exhibit was inspired by rose petals. With some pine and holly sprigs, it takes on a new look. The predominantly red one-candle-bridge with blue “rimations,” in the center of the display, would dress up a table for Independence Day or any American national holidays.

Fused glass pasta bowl with clear globes

“Seamist” bowl with clear tree ornaments

Fused glass bowls, plates, and platters filled with seasonable objects also make festive centerpieces. Choose a bowl that goes with your color scheme and fill it with clear, metallic, or colored glass balls or Christmas tree ornaments. The same kinds of ornaments work well in a bowl in traditional seasonal colors.

Fused glass pasta bowl with clear ornaments

Clear globes on red & green bowl

Or pile colorful heirloom tree ornaments on a platter for the family Christmas dinner.

Colorful Christmas ornaments on small glass platter

Heirloom ornaments on platter

Every one of these centerpieces is eye-catching yet easy and inexpensive to put together. Make the fused glass candle-bridge that looks good on the living room coffee table or bedside stand the center of attention once in awhile. Instead of serving food in your kiln-formed bowl or on your glass platter, serve up a feast for the eyes. Fused glass has more than one use.

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