Fused glass coasters

Stars are out

The stars came came out Saturday evening. After dinner we opened the kiln to some coaster sets featuring stars. They will be fun for winter holidays or any time someone wants a little star-shine, and they give us design ideas for larger pieces.

11" fused glass serving bowl
Blue & Marigold Confetti classic bowl
Other new pieces are already waiting to be seen for the first time at one of our late autumn shows. There are several dishes in the Blue & Gold Confetti design, including a pasta bowl and a serving bowl.

Candle-bridges are destined to dress up holiday tables, especially when garnished with a few leaves, greens, or berries.

Christmas candle bridge centerpiece
4-candle bridge with holly and greens

4-candle bridge centerpiece
4-candle bridge with gold and blue trimmings
Red & orange blend candlebridge with leaves & yellow weed
Glass candle bridge as autumn decoration

Fused glass oval dish
Oval dish
This oval dish seems perfect for autumn, although the inspiration came while I was picking nasturtiums during the summer. Oval dishes are popular and practical and we’ll have more colors and styles to show off by the end of the month.

Pink-tan-with-blue-rimations 6" slumped square
Kiln-formed square dish
Curved square dishes are festive for salad, dessert, or any holiday treat. This dish would also prettily set off a pillar candle or a few bright ornaments.

12" x 17" fused glass platter
Starry Sky platter
“Starry Sky” is one of the new platters ready to shine this month. Thanksgiving turkey, Hanukkah sufganiyot, Christmas ham, or New Year’s Eve Spekbrot will look even more delectable when served on a work of art.

All these pieces and more will star when we exhibit later this month and in December.
November 23 and 24 (10 AM–4 PM both days) we’ll be at the Village Arts & Crafts Market, Buckingham Springs PA (near Horsham, New Hope, and Doylestown).

PMAC/Sckytop postcard
Skytop Holiday Arts Festival
Thanksgiving weekend we’ll be at the Holiday Arts Festival at Skytop Lodge, Skytop, PA. Hours are 10:00 AM–5:00 PM on Saturday Nov 30 and 10:00 AM–3:00 PM on Sunday, Dec 1.

We’ll show both stained glass and fused glass during Holly Days at the EMCA Gallery in Tunkhannock PA from Nov 29 through Dec 22. The gallery will be open 10:00 AM–5:00 PM on Nov 29 (opening day) and Dec 7 (for Christmas in Our Hometown); 1:00–5:00 PM on Nov 30; and at least 1:00–3:00 PM all other days. Call the gallery (507.836.3622) for additional hours.

We also have glass at B’s Floral Design, 131 Penn Ave, Scranton PA (10:00 AM–5:00 PM Monday through Friday). B’s will be open until 9 PM during First Friday Artwalk on Friday, Dec 6.

Fused glass coasters
Star coasters
The Silver Arrow Gallery in Tannersville PA, on PA 611, shows our work continually. The gallery opens at 11:00 AM each day and closes in early evening.

Let’s not just wish upon a star but reach for one this glad season.

Trout pond

Blue Ridge R&R

A long weekend in the Blue Ridge Mountains was just what we needed this fall. A few days with my brother and his wife, who live on Bent Mountain southwest of Roanoke, Virginia, refreshed and recharged us. Ed and Francoise are wonderful hosts who share with us an appreciation for nature and the arts. We helped them with a fall project and together we sampled western Virginia folk traditions, enjoyed the outdoors, and ate very well.

Apple juice squeezing
On Friday the four of us plus their friend Richard and his grandson made apple cider the old-fashioned way. Francoise and I cut apples while the men fed the hopper and turned the crank. Steady work kept our blood moving on a day that was a bit chilly for outdoor activities. Afterward we were grateful for a hot dinner of Tamworth ham, October beans, and cornbread.

Bluegrass Gospel stage
Wildfire Band
Next morning we headed down The Crooked Road, Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail, to the Blue Ridge Folklife Festival at Ferrum College. This was the 40th anniversary gathering of many of the region’s fine musicians, craftspeople, farmers and animal breeders. Our toes tapped to music played on the Gospel, Blue Ridge Music Styles, and String Band stages. After dining al fresco on smoked chicken, we examined traditional crafts. I learned about mandolin styles and heritage apple varieties, watched tobacco-twisting and hoecake-making, and purchased a couple hand-carved wooden utensils.
Nearing the finish line
Coon hound water race
We cheered on coon hounds chasing a stuffed raccoon across a lake and admired the talents of a sheepherder and his Border Collie.
Rutledge and Miano teams
Suffolk Punch teams
Ed introduced us to a couple men whose Suffolk Punch draught horses were competing in the horse pulling contests.
Draught horse team
Pair of Percherons
We listened in to moonshiners and former revenue agents telling tales and looked over a whiskey still which that day was running only water.
Francoise & Ed with "moonshiner"
Whiskey still

The festival day ended before we could see everything but by then the sun was low in the sky and the air was too cool to sit listening to more music anyway. It was time to head back to the wood-burning stove at Bent Mountain.

Georgia face jug
Chester Hewell face jug
Part of the pleasure of a visit to my brother and sister-in-law’s lovely home is living with artifacts they have made or collected.
Crystalline glaze jug
Phil Morgan ceramic jug
The stairway to our room was lined with traditional and contemporary ceramics.
"Corn and Beans" quilt design
Pieced quilt by Francoise Frost
Each night we slept under one of Francoise’s beautiful quilts.

Sunday afternoon we fished for our supper, literally. They have a small pond along Laurel Creek where the water was so clear we could see fish on the pond bottom. Autumn was reflected on the surface.

Rainbow trout catch
Me and my Rainbow
Francoise reeled in about four Brook trout in short order. Next I caught and threw back two small native Brook trout (or the same one twice?) and two decent Rainbow trout before hooking a Rainbow that weighed just over 3 pounds. Jay was fly fishing and eventually caught a Rainbow trout. Ed pulled in a couple trout himself, the biggest of which was baked with onion, capers, and herbs for dinner.
Trout on platter
Baked Brook trout

Dough bowl and rolling pin
Clyde Dillon dough bowl
Monday morning meant good-byes. Jay and I came home rich with Virginia apples, cider, and frozen trout; tunes in our heads produced by banjos, fiddles, an auto-harp, and even the coon hound yelps; the smell of wood smoke and vintage tractor engines lingering in our nostrils; the feel of hand-worked wood and a frisky trout; and memories of bear-sightings, dappled water, and lively conversations. It’s no wonder our Blue Ridge sojourn stirred my creativity and stirred my anticipated return to the studio.
Floral embroidered quilt
Embroidered quilt