Stained glass pane of: autumn tree

Showing at The Blue Shutters

This coming Friday evening, September 20, is the opening of a small exhibit of our work at The Blue Shutters.

Abstract design stained glass panel
Blue Shift
Stained glass panel with open area
Out of the Depths
Stained glass panel portraying cherry tree
Sweet Cherry
Stained glass pane of: autumn tree

We will show both stained glass and fused glass in the reception area.

11" fused glass serving bowl
Blue & Marigold Confetti classic bowl
Large platter in red, cream, and amber
Red and Pise platter
10" slumped square fused glass platter
Pale Olive with Chartreuse & Blue Rimations platter
Impressionist design serving bowl
Giverney in Green & Red fused glass bowl

The Blue Shutters is an upscale restaurant located on PA 435 in Elmhurst, Pennsylvania. In one evening you can see beautiful glass and have a lovely meal. Friday evening you can visit with us, too. The exhibit runs until October 1.

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