Four panels between lobby and Garden Room

No blues on Friday evening

Such a lovely evening we had Friday! Jay and I arrived at The Blue Shutters in time to take a few photos and eat dinner before our exhibit reception. (The chili-spiced sea bass and the herb-encrusted veal chop were delicious. So was my escarole soup and Jay’s beef consomme. Everything, including the service, was lovely. If you like to eat early, soup and dessert are complementary before 6 p.m. except Saturday.)

4 kiln-formed pieces on sideboard
Kiln-formed platters and bowl
Classic bowl and drop-out-ring bowl on left radiator
Two kiln-formed bowls
3 bowls on right radiator
Three kiln-formed bowls
4 panels
Stained glass panels

During the evening we met many new people and enjoyed the opportunities to talk about how we create both fused and stained glass, our glass sources, and some design inspirations. Several artist friends stopped by, too. A bonus was the opportunity to see and sniff Chef Guy Ciccone’s herb garden, ask him about a few specimens I couldn’t identify with certainty, and hear some of what he does with herbs. During the evening I noticed, passing by me on their way to diner’s tables, artfully plated meatloaf (yes! in a gourmet restaurant) graced with a tall flowering sprig of Thai basil.

Our glass will remain on exhibit in the front room of The Blue Shutters through October 1. The restaurant is open 4:00 to 10:00 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. The Blue Shutters is an historic building, so look around while you’re there.

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