10" Square fused glass platter: Bend in the River

Prize winners

Jay’s “Bend in the River” square platter won First Place in glass at the Pocono Mountain Arts Council member show. He designed the platter last summer after poring over maps of the Lackawanna River which runs through the nearby Midvalley suburbs and Scranton until it joins the more famous Susquehanna River. To create the image of the riverbend, Jay devised a method involving layers of powdered and fine-ground glass topped by cut glass and filled with a mixture of several grades of frit (ground glass). In addition to this square platter he created a serving bowl and a 10″ square plate using river imagery. These creations led to his “rimations” designs, but more on that later.

10" Square fused glass platter: Bend in the River
Bend in the River (square platter)
11" fused glass bowl
The River: fused glass Classic bowl
10" Square plate: How Green is my Valley
How Green Is My Valley square plate

The Lackawanna River has received much attention over the past few decades, spurred by the Lackawanna River Corridor Association. The LRCA promotes the restoration and conservation of the Lackawanna and its watershed and its efforts have been rewarded by the river’s naming as a Class A trout stream. The annual RiverFest was held this year on June 1, including a combo casual and competitive Canoe-a-thon, hilarious regatta, and exciting Duck-a-thon.

At the same art exhibit, my “Stardust” bowl entry took second place in glass. No complaints from me about that placement, as last year our positions were reversed.

Fused glass bowl by Mary Ann
Stardust serving bowl