hot glass

It’s been six months since my last posting. We haven’t been idle in the meantime. In early June we studied glass fusing with Meegan Triggs in Connellsville, Pennsylvania. She pushed our glass fusing creativity and abilities way ahead. We love working with Youghioghenny Easy-Fuse glass! For the next two months, despite the summer heat, we were creating every day and kept the kiln running continuously. We made coasters and trivets, bowls and plates, platters,

Coaster stacks pasta bowl stack Lg Sq plate Yellow Y Moroccan Tassel Mercury table and a table.

At the same time we redesigned and rebuilt our exhibit layout to feature the fused glass. During a private art fair the first weekend of August the fused functional pieces were well received.

Then we took a break. On August 13 our beautiful grandson, Michael Joseph, Jr, was born in Scranton. Paulukonis Guys It was a blessing to be nearby for his birth and we love being on hand to hold Baby Michael and watch him grow.

At another time I’ll write about the fourth window I designed for the Mercy Hospice inpatient unit in Scranton, which Jay installed in August.