tracks through the snow

January used to be a month of doldrums for me but no longer. When it’s cold outside I can create indoors. Snow reflects extra light through the my studio windows. (Our neck of the woods gets sunshine no more than one day in three, the opposite of our former South Dakota home, so I appreciate sunlight even more here.) Walking in the snowy woods is another treat. For Christmas Jay’s sister gave us a paperback book on scats and tracks. After carrying the book on daily walks for a week without seeing more than deer or rabbit tracks, new prints appeared, usually following our own paths in the snow. By comparing paw prints and droppings to drawings, descriptions, and measurements in the book, we’ve concluded that a red fox is sharing our trail. Today we discovered a raccoon’s tracks crossing ours. Perhaps these winter sightings will inspire a new line of design when I tire of bird themes.

Jay is making tracks in his studio, building a lamp with lots of “action.” Dawgert lamp layout Lg thumbnail As you can see in the layout of the glass pieces during foiling, Jay is using hand-poured opalescent glass and the design has lots of “action.” It was commissioned by a homeowner and will hang in the eating area of an open kitchen. I am finishing some panel designs based on feathers. The panels will first be seen at a late-winter exhibit.

Exhibits enable us to get feedback from the public and give you the chance to see one-of-a-kind works, touch them, and meet the artists who designed and made them. Save these dates so you can see, touch, and meet!
February 4–27, Artists for Art Member Show, Scranton PA; opening reception during First Friday Artwalk, February 5, 6:00–9:00 p.m.
March 27 & 28, Philadelphia Invitational Furniture Show at the Cruise Ship Terminal

By the way, don’t overlook the Dutch Auction at the Furniture Show site. There’s some fine furniture up for sale and truly marvelous stained glass!