warm winter greetings

With fall exhibits past and the garden empty of all but mustard greens and kale, we are focused indoors on commissions and envisioning colorful creations for 2010. We’ll have new work ready for the Philadelphia Invitational Furniture Show at the end of March. When you visit the show’s website, check out the Dutch Auction and watch for some of our framed glass panels to come up for auction.
Winter is a good time to run the kiln, and Jay is keeping it hot this month by fusing and slumping. I designed square three-plate sets that are just the right size for salad and dessert, or sushi and dipping sauce. They are also dandy for pillar candles. The Ribbons pattern plates come in four color lines. Jay is using streaky glass to make a very different kind of candle-holder. Each slumped “candle bridge” is a kind of low span that holds one or four ball or pillar candles. Photos are not yet ready but should appear soon.
We will cool the kiln down to spend Christmas with our children, their spouses, and our grand-daughter in Maine. Our daughter moved near Portland a few months ago and this will be the first Christmas since she married that our immediate family will all be together and the first Maine Christmas for everyone. May you be blessed this holiday season, whatever and where ever you celebrate, with joyful hearts, good company, happy memories, and hope for the future.