Guest ticket

It’s time to join us for the 15th annual Philadelphia Invitational Furniture Show at the Cruise Ship Terminal in the Philadelphia Navy Yard. This card gives you half-price admission. Simply print the card (it automatically prints in black and white), write your name and email address in the spaces provided, and present the card at the ticket booth. Please print a card for each person who accompanies you, and don’t hesitate to hand out extras to friends.

Say “Hi” to us in booth #116 and see not only art glass and examples of our custom work but also two new types of work we’ve been doing. I have been creating what I call a “nestarium” for each of the bird nests I find. In addition to fabricating those for me, Jay has been slumping glass. He is going to set out a rainbow array of dishes.

The PIF show is the place to see the finest artisan-made furniture and furnishings in the country. We’ll be delighted to see you at the Cruise Ship Terminal on March 27, 28, or 29.