Hummingbirds and wildflowers

A ruby-throated hummingbird is tasting blossoms at the feeder on the other side of our glass sample window. Now a second hummingbird is drinking nectar. From windows that line two sides of my design studio I notice birds at our porch feeders and in the trees. From my second-floor vantage point I am fortunate not to notice ground hogs heading for lunch in our garden. Sometimes I m so engrossed in paper and pencil that I don t look up for hours but when I m pondering a design in its early stages or thinking about some other challenge, I find myself gazing outdoors. From paper or monitor to trees or sky perhaps it is a meditative walk my brain takes until the little gray cells come to a solution.

The natural world revives my soul, as the psalmist says. Last weekend when we walked in the woods the scent of wild roses filled our nostrils and bright yellow buttercups beckoned to be picked. Sunday we came home with a small bouquet of wildflowers and an armload of white blossoms from a bush that sprang up at the edge of our yard. The mixed colors and shapes of the wildflowers give a welcome at the entry, and the dainty but sturdy white sprays are a graceful foil for pink peonies on the dinner table. It s no wonder spring is my favorite season.